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        ABOUT US

        Guangdong Zhuhai City Guangxi into kitchenware Corp (Zhuhai City Guicheng Gang kitchen manufacturing Co., Ltd.) was founded in 2000, the predecessor of Zhuhai City, Guangxi stainless steel decoration Co., Ltd. was founded in 1993, is the Guangdong kitchen industry started earlier, the large scale company. Specializing in commercial kitchen equipment R & D, design consulting, kitchen engineering production, installation, maintenance services, a full range of all in one service (with the administrative institutions, universities and enterprises, the size of star hotels and other large Chinese and western restaurant kitchen), including stainless steel decoration engineering, production of stainless steel products, refrigeration equipment, engineering glass steel series engineering, ventilation engineering, environmental engineering and other series series.
        Guangxi total company is located in the "romantic city" said the coastal city of Zhuhai Special Economic Zone, a total area of 6000 square meters; has a large modern production base and elegant office environment and advanced office measures. We have set up branches in Guangxi, Nanning and Liuzhou respectively, and each department has design, budget, business, after-sales service, maintenance and other departments. The company has strong technical strength and large-scale production; have a full set of advanced high-tech stainless steel production CNC system, realize the comprehensive mechanized production, and is fully mechanized, scale, brand oriented, professional direction. Products are strictly manufactured according to ISO9001 international quality management system and ISO14000 national environmental certification standard.
        Our team brings together the kitchenware industry elite, with a large number of professional engineering designers, senior technicians, environmental engineers, electronic engineers, senior technicians, technical installation personnel and improve the customer service service personnel. A strong professional product development group, study design and construction team to develop energy-saving, efficient, environmental protection, health, safety, easy to use and durable kitchen equipment, to meet the needs of all kinds of dishes, Western-style food and kitchen all kinds of multi functional requirements, and better for the majority of new and old customers and catering services.
        The company adhere to the "carry forward the decision-making food culture, contractors high-quality commercial kitchen stoves, build the vanguard" concept, construction and renovation of over ten years, the company has always been to the technical level of professional vision and long-term commitment to kitchen life. The company has always been to pay close attention to internal management, improve the internal quality as the cornerstone of enterprise development, trust and support in the unremitting efforts of all staff and the community of new and old customers, the company has gradually formed a set of their own R & D, production, sales, installation and customer service service scientific management mode for development the company spirit of "honesty, trust, diligence, fine," the spirit of enterprise, with people-oriented design ideas over the years, the concept of customer service, professional construction technology system, improve the efficiency of the service system, established in the kitchen with a leading position in this industry, but also won the good reputation of our new and old customers and support.

        "Quality, integrity, service and honor" has always been our business philosophy!