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        About us

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        Not only in quality, but also in pursuit of perfection

        Guangdong Zhuhai City Guangxi into kitchenware Corp (Zhuhai City Guicheng Gang kitchen manufacturing Co., Ltd.) was founded in 2000, the predecessor of Zhuhai City, Guangxi stainless steel decoration Co., Ltd. was founded in 1993, is the Guangdong kitchen industry started earlier...

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        1, the spirit of ent...

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        leade speech W...

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        Do quality products,...

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        Not only in quality, but also in pursuit of perfection

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        Enterprise development, hand in hand with you, I move forward together


        Industry News


        Industry News

        Intelligent era of kitchenware industry


        "Investment 600 million yuan of cotruction projects will soon be put into production, machine s...

        Industry News

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        Good products come from intimate service

        Corporate Responsibility

        Founded in late 1999, is a professional is a professional is a professional is a professional......

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          Building high quality service cooperation system

        Our company actively play the advantages of local resources, playing the "Taiwan card", "Bao card" and "card", to further strengthen economic and trade cooperation with taiwan. In order to give you a better service experience, a special 24 - hour online service is introduced.
        GUI Cheng kitchen utensils company will serve you wholeheartedly