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        Intelligent era of kitchenware industry

          Date: 2017-10-305

              "Investment 600 million yuan of construction projects will soon be put into production, machine substitutions will make a major breakthrough." Zhejiang Shuai Feng Electric Co., Ltd., chairman of the company if the development prospects of the company full of confidence. Yesterday, she told reporters that the new project is an intelligent factory, all put into operation, with an annual output of 60 million sets of environmentally friendly integrated stove, 30,000 sets of new overall cabinets and 50,000 dishwashers.
              Kitchenware is Shengzhou a large traditional industries, and is the countrys largest integrated production base of stove, but has been, Shengzhou kitchen utensils always give a low-key feeling, and "boss" "side too", whether it is business scale or Brand influence is still weak. However, according to reports, over the years Shengzhou kitchen utensils enterprises are quietly upgrading the production line, especially the "machine substitutions" for the quality of Shengzhou kitchen utensils laid the foundation for kitchen enterprises have become a key step in the current transformation of the important steps.
              Reporters learned that Shengzhou some kitchen utensils production enterprises such as Yida, Shuai Feng, Mori song, Cohen, etc., are spared no expense to build a number of intelligent production lines and intelligent chemical plants, modern laser welding machine, laser cutting machine, CNC bending machines and a variety of functions of the "robot" pipeline has been widely used, the other Internet and Internet of things also make kitchenware products more humane.
              Zhejiang Yitian Electric Co., Ltd. is building a 40,000 square meters of intelligent plant, which can be put into operation in October this year. Yang Guang, deputy general manager of the company told reporters that the new plant acquired the worlds most advanced production equipment. "A traditional stamping workshop requires 380 workers, and the use of large continuous automatic stamping equipment after only 80 people, the product is more refined, the quality will be higher." It is reported that the new plant is completed, Yida will Shengzhou kitchenware The industry took the lead in the development of custom zigzag production, according to customer needs tailored products. Yang said that the traditional mode of production can not be customized, only in a highly intelligent production on the basis of can be achieved.
              On the kitchen industry to the automation, intelligent production direction of the transformation and upgrading, the municipal government to support. According to the 2016 "to accelerate the development of strategic emerging industries to promote the transformation and upgrading of industrial economic policy advice", in line with industrial restructuring and upgrading of the key equipment to increase financial support to guide the kitchen enterprises to increase investment in CNC machinery, laser equipment and automated assembly line. "To meet the industrial development-oriented and production equipment investment of more than 3 million yuan of technological transformation investment projects, to give 4% of investment in equipment to be subsidized subsidies; strategic investment in emerging industries and industry-oriented development of key equipment, 2 percentage points of the discount subsidy. "City Council by the relevant person in charge.
               At present, Shengzhou kitchen utensils industry to start the "machine substitutions" in the field of technological transformation of the key enterprises have more than 30, total investment of more than 1.5 billion yuan, a substantial increase in the kitchen production automation and intelligent level.