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        After-sales service is the most important part of after-sale. Customer service service has become the requirements of enterprises to maintain or expand market share (such as Tmall, Jingdong, Serta etc.). The pros and cons of after-sales service can affect consumer satisfaction. At the time of purchase, the commodity warranty, after-sales service and other relevant regulations, so that customers can get rid of doubts and wavering form, determined to buy goods. High quality customer service service can be regarded as the product of the brand economy, intense competition in the market today, with changes to improve awareness of consumer rights and consumer attitudes, consumers are no longer only concerned about the product itself, the quality and performance of similar products are similar to the case, more willing to choose those with high quality customer service service company.
        Objectively speaking, the quality of customer service service is the product of the brand economy, brand customer service service are often better than brand-name products. The famous brand product prices are generally higher than Hodge, one is based on the cost and quality of product, but also because of brand marketing strategy has taken into account customer service service cost.